For four months Henry is held captive and tortured, first in Dublin Castle and then in Kilmainham Gaol. He has been arrested at his Granny´s on November 21, 1920 after killing members of the secret service. He identifies himself as Fergus Nash and the Auxies fail extort information from him, as he resists all torture. Henry witnesses the shooting of his cell mate. Seeing Stonebreaker’s Yard in Kilmainham Goal, Henry recalls how his father once rescued him and Victor by walking under the city in the sewers. He remembers as well how he escaped from Prison after the Rising. He begins to feel the water. After he is put in front of a „Judas box“, a guard brings him some griddle cake and he knows that he will be free. Miss O’Shea has tricked one of the guards to opening the doors for Henry and giving him a sixpence for his tram fare. This time he doesn´t escape through the water, but by tram. He is re-united with his wife, whose hair has been shaved by Ivan and his men because she is getting in their way.

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