After the little Henry was named, Henry Smart Senior is full of such rage due to the fact that the name of his son is destroying his wife physically and mentally that he goes to work full of aggression. As it is his job is to keep the wrong people from Dolly Oblong's brothel, he has many opportunities to let his aggressions out and hits many men, so that one day no one enters the brothel.

Dolly Oblong registrates this and tells Henry Smart Senior to visit her in the brothel to talk with him.

He, who is sparing of words in the complete conversation, is totally impressed by her. Dolly Oblong curtails his wages from fifteen to twelve shilings a week.

She claims that her bouncer is not good for her business, because he does not let enough customers pass through. On the other hand her business partners are very pleased with Henry Senior’s message delivery jobs. For the first time, Henry Senior contemplates that Dolly Oblong could be Alfie Gandon, the ominous client of the appointed murders Henry Senior has to fulfill, as well.

Henry Senior is in love with Dolly Oblong, he admires her and thinks she is ruling the whole Dublin from her bed. He wants to be her slave.

At the end of the conversation Henry Senior is full of motivation. Now he works better than ever before.

Meanwhile his family grows and shrinks in turn. Henry Junior is the oldest child; he is five and a very keen and cheeky boy, who swears at adults.

As his father is absent and the mother is very busy with the family and is constantly pregnant, the boy starts being on his own very soon.

After all, his brother Victor is born for whom Henry takes care since then.

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