Henry Smart has to kill Cecil and Desmond Brennans.  He needs three days to get rid of the bodies in local rivers bit by bit.

King Edward VII visits Dublin because of the Irish International Exhibition (July 1907). The five year old Henry and his younger brother Victor make trouble in the crowd, who cheers for king and queen.  Fortunately their father, who returns from his latest murder, saves his boys and carries them pickaback.

The father and his sons have to flee from the police. On the run they are hunted by several police officers.

Henry Smart develops a plan to save his boys and have a narrow escape. They are trespassing the area of Herbert Park and find a secret access to the Swan River, which passes them through the city sewage system and they can escape.

While they are passing the underground in entire darkness, Henry persuades his children by singing folk songs or telling them stories about the places they left behind. The five year old Henry likes being so close to his father.

When they arrive the father says Goodbye to his sons and both of them are bursting into tears.

Unfortunately Henry Smart does not escape at all: He goes back to his job and is recognized by a couple of policemen, who decide to kill him.

Henry Smart escapes but his enemies get his coat which smells of blood and murder. Then they realize that he is the killer of a lot of people and Henry Smart is never seen again.

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