Henry and Victor are the little princes of the street. They rob and help, invent and beg, but they are often cold and always hungry. They bring customers to Mister Lipman and get money for it.

Mister Rafferty sits outside the Coffee Palace and hides his legs under his coat. Henry, Victor and Rafferty advice people to help an old soldier and his children to get money from them. Henry and Victor also sell stolen week-old newspapers and steal back flowers they'd sold before.

Sometimes Henry leaves food at the stairs for his mother. They steal pockets and cattle to get money. One day two men come to them and ask if they would like to earn a few shillings. They should maim the cattle of the smallholders. And they do.

Henry has now been living on the street for three years. He is missing something, so he and Victor start going to school. The two brothers like their teacher Miss O'Shea who thinks that Henry is very intelligent and fancies him. The next day in school, a nun tells Henry and Victor that it must be a mistake that they are in school and that it is not the right place for them. She wants to take them to an orphanage which is known by Henry to be terrible. So Henry lifts his father´s leg and whacks it at the nun`s nose. She falls into the middle of the other boys in class. Henry and Victor run to the door. Miss O’Shea lets them pass. That night, they sleep under a tarpaulin. Victor coughs the whole night and in the next morning, he is dead. Henry thinks he died because of Consumption.

The new king is being crowned.

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