Annie places Henry in a job as a docker and he introduces himself as Fergus Nash.

The job is characterised by irregular working hours and hard working conditions. Depending on the ships' loadings the coal dust for example is almost everywhere. Most of all Henry has to struggle with the unloading of phosphorite.

It is said that his boss stevedore O’Malley has affairs with wives of his employees. Henry never finds out how Annie accomplished getting this job for him, but then realizes that she probably had an affair with him as well. As Henry gets into a fight, he has to unload phosphorite for several days as a punishment.

Furthermore Henry steals a lot of cargo. He even robs a gramophone bit by bit to Annie's house. His knocking-off time is also full of alcohol he drinks with his colleagues. Suddenly Annie's missed husband returns from France. Henry makes him believe that his wife never had an affair with him.

Homeless again Henry visits his grandmother, who does not know where his mother lives. Henry begins to interview his grandmother about his father and his work for Dolly Oblong and Alfie Gandon. She illuminates the mystery about Alfie Gandon's identity a bit. Henry’s father had thought Dolly Oblong and Alfie Gandon were one and the same person, which isn't true.

Finally Henry meets Jack Dalton, who knows his real identity from the Easter Rising and starts to work as a docker, too. The two of them become friends soon. Jack lives in a flat in Carnby Row because the landlord supports their political direction. Jack tells Henry that people composed folk songs about his action during the Easter Rising. Later on Jack arranges a meeting with the Gaelic League and soon Henry is up to the idea of revolution again. Even Annie, who is still Henry's secret affair, recognizes that.

Henry and Jack start to provoke the police (G-Men) and organize parades. More and more town inhabitants begin to support the movement. Jack dreams about taking over all parts of government and society step by step. Even some policemen are not willing to act according to the Realm Act and do not stop the parades instead of arresting the agitators. Henry quits the affair with Annie and gets his father’s wooden leg back.

There is a discussion going on about the purpose of wearing a uniform or better to avoid it to keep them secret. Annie's husband joins the movement. They decide to wear uniforms to increase moral and because spies are considered to be almost everywhere.

In Phil Shanhans’s pub Henry meets Michael Collins and swears into the Irish Republican Brotherhood. Shortly afterwards he kills his first policeman.

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