Chapter 9

When in December 1918, the First World War  ended and Sinn Féin  won the general election in a landslide victory, Henry leaves Annie. While the new parliament of the Irish Republic (Dáil Éireann) includes de Valera, Collins, Dalton, Gandon, Griffith, Brugha, Count Plunkett and the countess, Henry, the gunman and killer, cycle round the countryside. He becomes the man from Dublin, the captain who trains country lads to be guerrilla fighters and who will provoke and fight against the British. Ivan Reynolds becomes his deputy in Rusg and proves to be a fast learner who wants his own career in the new system, while Henry becomes a member of Collins' elite Squad, one of the Twelve Apostles who terrorize the city, killing traitors, provoking the police and creating legends. He visits old Mrs O'Shea regularly, partly for her good food and partly to escape his loneliness on the bike and to assuage his anger about being isolated from the new men in power. Henry finally meets Miss O'Shea again whilst water divining with his father's leg. The two marry on September 12, 1919, the very day when the British outlaw the new parliament in Dublin. The War of Independence begins. Back in Dublin, Henry is still trying to find out who and where Alfie Gandon is. His grandmother warns him that he (Gandon) has not changed at all even if he has assumed an Irish name (O'Gandúin) and is lying about his role in the GPO. Henry enjoys David Climanis company. He gives Henry some of his artistic pipes so that he can pose as a salesman. Climanis is an immigrant, a Latvian Jew who married an Irishwoman, Maria. While Ivan takes care of things in Roscommon, Henry and Miss O'Shea rob post offices to help the National Loan. Eventually Henry becomes suspicious of Dalton, who warns him about his friendship with Climanis and tells him not to meet him any more. In his role as contract killer, Henry kills Detective Sergeant Smith and Annie's "dead" husband.

Quelle: Roddy Doyle: A star called Henry, Teacher's Guide, Klett

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