A list of a few important important characters who occur in the novel To Kill a Mockingbird wirtten by Harper Lee.

Atticus Finch

Atticus is the single father of Scout and Jem. He is nearly 50 years old and works as a lawyer in his office in Maycomb. In a way is is an ideal, even to perfect father. According Scout „he played with us, read to us and threaded us with courteaus detattchment“ (Chapter 1 p. 6).

His style of eduation could be consider as more modern compared to the typical ideas of eduation spread in the early 1930ties.

There are a few adjectives and nouns who may describe the traits as shown in the novel:

  • fair-minded
  • strong
  • courteous
  • courageous
  • idealistic
  • respectfull
  • pride
  • reseverd, as he is sometimes unable to talk about his feelings
  • tolerant
  • kind
  • morally

Jean-Luise „Scout“ Finch

Aside from Atticus Scout is the main character of the novel. The story is told from her perspective – the perspective of a nearly six to nearly nine-year-old girl as the story evolves during three years of her life. Scout is of confident and sociable nature. Due to the fact that she is a child she does not get the meaning of everything that happens in her surrounding, but her curiosity makes her abstorb as much information she can get.

Scout can be seen as a tomboy, although the book gives no explanation what led to her being a tomboy. Speculations are, that this is because she lacks a real mother role in her life, since her mother died early. On the other hand, Scout states that she does not miss her mother as she has Calpurnia and Mrs. Maudie Atkinson as possible female role models. As a conclusion is it hard to find a solution to this question as long as there is no statement by the writer.

In Scouts eyes her brother is more than just a role model,he is her hero. Scout likes Dill („Summer is Dill.“) and they even talk about marriage.

There are a few adjectives and nouns which may describe her traits as shown in the novel:

  • bright and intelligent (able to read at very young age)
  • curious, attentive and open-minded
  • innocent
  • self-confident
  • naive
  • confidently
  • pert
  • precautious
  • unprejudiced


Jem is Scout's older brother. At the beginning of the story he is nearly ten years old, in the end, he is thirteen. Similar to his sister, the reader watches him grow and mature in the course of events. In Jem's case, the development is more intense. In fact, he becomes a smaler version of his father. Scout describes him as following towards the end of the story: „Jem was becomming almost as good as Atticus at making you feel right when things went wrong.“ (Chapter 28 p. 285)

Despite trying to imitate his father, whom he sees as a role model, Jem still is a kid and does unreflected and stupid things. One of those was cutting the camellias of the mean Mrs Dubose. But although he does not like her and is scared of her swearing, he still endures the punishment imposed by Atticus. This is both a sign for his growing maturity and therefore responsibility and for his respect towards his father.

The boy could be characterized by the following adjectives and nouns:

  • intelligent
  • courageous
  • curious
  • righteous and idealistic
  • reflective
  • sometimes headstrong
  • thoughtful
  • rational

Charles „Dill“ Baker Harris

Dill is the playmate of Jem and Scout during the summer vacation which he spends in Maycomb at his Aunt Rachel's place. He is from Mississippi and suffers from the instable familiy situation at home. The boy is very creative and interested in legends. The mystery about Boo Radley fascinates him. In the second part his character serves as a contrast to the other children since he remains the same while they went through a maturing process.

Dill could be described as:

  • naive
  • dreamy
  • fearful
  • curious
  • sensitive
  • creative, resourceful and imaginative
  • feels unloved and lonesome
  • likes Scout


Calpurina is a „faithfull member of the familiy“ (Chapter 14, p. 150) – much more than housekeeper. Although she is a strict person, she likes the children very much. Cal serves as a surrogate mother for Scout and Jem. The children find out that Calpurnia has a double life: she hides her eduation and intelligence when is is along with the black community.

She is the one how informs the children about the life style of color folks and the one who builds bridges.

Atticus belives in her, defends her agaings his prejudiced sister Alexandera and takes Cal to Tom Robinsons widow in order to inform her about his death.

There are a few words how could decribe her as:

  • polite
  • strict
  • pragmatic
  • nice and lovely
  • helpfull
  • attentive
  • understanding
  • responsible
  • cool-headed
  • religious
  • self-educated
  • lives a double life

Mrs. Maudie Atkinson

The neigbor of Atticus and his familiy is unconventival and lovley person. She likes Scout very much and has only a ear for her sorrows. Beside Calpurina she owns the second postive mother role mode of the story. Mrs. Maudie loves the nature and stayes more outside than inside. She acts very calm after she lost her house in fire. The lady supports Atticus decisions and helps the children to get another view of her father.

Mrs. Maudie Aktkions could be described as:

  • sharp-witted
  • steady and stable
  • calm
  • nice and loving
  • tolerant
  • respectfull
  • morally
  • humorous
  • balanced
  • free of prejudice and gossip
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